Managed WordPress Hosting powered by AWS

Infinitely scalable hosting, Low-latency CDN, and state-of-the-art security tailored to your WordPress websites.

Every plan includes our 60-Day Money-Back Guarantee

Managed WordPress hosting on AWS Cloud

Speed, Security, and Scale: Included with the best WordPress Hosting


WordPress Speed Optimization

Nestify helps optimize your site's page speed and improve core web vitals metrics automatically


Robust WordPress Security

Our servers block WordPress malware and routine hack attempts keeping your sites secure


Automatic WordPress Updates

We keep your WordPress core and plugins up to date with our fully managed update service.


24x7 WordPress Support

Our engineers monitor and support your WordPress sites, and help with plugin related issues

Host WordPress on AWS Cloud without the complexity and cost.

At Nestify, we believe every WordPress website deserves to be fast and with no downtime. We provide lightning fast speed and unmatched 99.99% uptime guarantee for every site we host.

Amazon’s AWS Cloud offers some of the fastest servers available today. But leveraging these servers for WordPress requires non-trivial amount of engineering and expertise. At Nestify we provide a simple yet robust platform that automates away all the complexity and provides you the benefits of AWS.

With Nestify You never have to worry about the security of your WordPress site. Every Nestify account comes with the responsive support of our expert team. It consists of our ingenious engineers who have developed the platform from the ground up. We can help you through every difficulty you may come across. Our intelligent platform lets you focus on creating your business as we take care of website optimization, security, and performance.

Fully managed WordPress Hosting

The Best WordPress Hosting with FREE Migrations

Our white-glove migration service ensures a disruption free experience when switching hosting.

Hosting and Managing WordPress on AWS is easy with Nestify Console

Super Fast WordPress From the Start

With Nestify’s intuitive console, you can deploy WordPress in 3 clicks or less. There is no unnecessary waiting for DNS propagations, setting up databases and picking up strong passwords. Within 60 seconds, the Nestify dashboard presents you with all the information that you need to access and manage your own WordPress website.

WordPress hosting service
Managed WordPress hosting platform

The WordPress Hosting platform with Endless Possibilities

Nestify offers extensive tools so that you can control every aspect of your code. All nestify accounts come with SSH access, Passwordless sftp support, and CLI tools to give you more and more control. We never block any plugins, themes or features. We offer you the hosting environment that’s truly ready for any project you want to deploy.

Truly Risk-free and Unlimited WordPress Website Migrations

Nestify offers “Truly Unlimited Migrations”. It doesn’t matter if you have a single site or a hundred, you will not be charged for migrations. Truly unlimited means you can migrate any number of sites without paying any extra charges.

Our Migration experts safely migrate your sites with zero downtime. This means you don’t have to get involved in the technicalities of migration as we handle it with confidence.

WordPress website migration

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Managed WordPress Hosting:
Frequently Asked Questions

Managed WordPress Hosting is a professional solution that caters to controlling and maintaining the technical elements of a WordPress website. Nestify’s Managed WordPress Hosting offers invaluable advantages such as cutting-edge security, superior and dedicated expert support, optimal site speed, and high performance for your WordPress website.

We conduct daily backups, monitor site downtime, ensure faster site speeds despite the amount of traffic your website is having. Automatic updates keep your WordPress installation up to date.

At Nestify we host WordPress using Amazon EC2 instances. Each website runs on EC2 instances with 32 to 64 CPUs and hundreds of GB of memory. We use MariaDB as our database of choice. If your websites require Amazon’s RDS, we provide that as an addon.

All of our WordPress hosting plans include AWS Cloudfront CDN with full edge caching, DDoS protection and web application firewall at no additional cost.

Occassional website traffic spikes are handled by our servers at no additional cost to you. If you expect significantly large amount of traffic due to sales, promotions, or media events, please get in touch with us. 

Sure! We will transfer all of your existing WordPress sites over to our platform – for FREE. Each migrated website gets a temporary domain name which can be used to preview the site and ensure that everything looks correct. When you approve, all of your content will be safely moved over so you don’t experience any interruption or downtime during the migration process.

Yes. We scan each WordPress site for malware and hacks during migration. If we find any malware, it gets cleaned up for FREE and we patch the site to prevent any new hacks.

No. All of our hosting plans are month-to-month and the price does not increase on renewal. There are no hidden fees or overages based on your site’s traffic.

Hosting WordPress on AWS using Nestify is surprisingly cost effective. Nestify’s hosting plans listed here start from $12. There are no additional fees on top of this price.

When you compare these prices to self-hosting WordPress on AWS, you’ll find that Nestify is the obvious choice. You can find our detailed article on this topic here:

Simple WordPress brochure type sites usually require fewer server resources. We recommend having 1 CPU core per 5-7 websites. For example, our WP-VPS-2 plan comes with 2 CPU cores. This means that you can safely host 10-14 websites on it. Our container technology fully isolates each website, thus protecting all other sites from any potential malware or hacks.

If your WordPress website has membership functionality, users that need to log-in frequently, or have a lot of content editors, then you are better off with our cloud hosting plans that scale automatically to provide ample server resources to WordPress.

All of Nestify’s hosting plans listed here come with a no-questions-asked 60 day money-back guarantee. If you decide to cancel any time within the first 60 days, we will issue a full refund. You can also cancel your hosting at any time without any penalties or contract fees.

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Launching WordPress on AWS takes just one minute with Nestify.

Launching WooCommerce on AWS takes just one minute with Nestify.