9 Best React Native Companies for App Development in 2023

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Imagine you’re a mobile app developer tasked with building iOS and Android apps. You begin by writing code for the iOS version, using the native iOS development tools and languages, such as Xcode or Swift or Objective-C.. After months of hard work, your app is finally ready for release on the App Store. But then comes the next challenge: developing the Android version of the app. This means starting from scratch, using different development tools and languages such as Android Studio and Java or Kotlin. 

You soon realize this is a time-consuming and inefficient, requiring you to duplicate much of the work you’ve already done for the iOS version. Additionally, maintaining two separate codebases for the same app can be a nightmare, especially when fixing bugs and adding new features.

This is where React Native comes in. By using a single codebase written in JavaScript and React, you can create native mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms. This means you can write code once and deploy it across multiple platforms, saving time and reducing the risk of errors and bugs.


What is React Native?

Facebook’s React Native is a framework for building mobile apps available under an open-source license. User interfaces are made using the React JavaScript library; however, instead of generating components for the web, developers may write apps for both iOS and Android from a single source. It allows programmers to create mobile apps like web apps: by utilizing components, states, and props. Differentiating it from traditional native app development is that these components are converted into native components for iOS and Android, allowing for a quicker and more efficient development process.

In addition, the developer can rapidly incorporate features like maps, push notifications, and social networking into their app thanks to React Native’s ability to use the enormous ecosystem of third-party frameworks and tools available to the React community.


What to Look for in React Native Companies:

  • Years on the market

Which is better, a startup or an established company? Let’s skip the generalizations and get to the meat of the matter at hand. Companies that have been around for a while have had plenty of time to refine their methods. They have more life experience as they get older. They have likely honed their skills to perfection in specific fields. Conversely, bureaucracy and strict procedures may be more common here. It is up to their cultural norms.

  • What about newer firms?

They tend to see things in a new light, have fewer preconceived notions, and adopt more fluid practices. You won’t get a bunch of inexperienced programmers just because they’re a small company. Seniors are an excellent fit for small businesses. However, it would help if you verified the applicant’s experience level. The companies that cut have proven track records across various fields and assignments. Keep the vendor’s portfolio in mind as you continue your search.

  • Team size

When collaborating with a company, having many developers on staff isn’t always a guarantee of readiness. Businesses need to save enough money and make smart decisions always to have a safety net. Working with a larger organization can involve a lot of red tape and procedures that need to be navigated before a project can even begin. However, smaller businesses can often speed up these processes and get started on projects sooner. They have more flexibility in their schedules and can tailor their approach to better suit the needs of their clients. Smaller businesses also tend to be more attentive to their customers.

  • Comparison: their approach

To achieve the greatest success in product delivery, different approaches can be taken. While outsourcing development and purchasing a finished product is one option, unexpected issues can arise. To create an outstanding product that provides a maximum return on investment, it’s essential to find a true partner who not only understands business and shares your vision but can also provide significant improvements and knowledge to your team.

  • Business-success approach

Reputable businesses can offer a well-structured and open procedure for owners to monitor progress toward realizing their vision. This can involve incorporating business analysts into development teams and offering business advice. By asking pertinent questions, testing assumptions, and delivering actionable advice based on experience, a company can help ensure the success of a product.

Eliminating information silos and analyzing the factors determining a product’s commercial performance are crucial to success. Businesses need to focus on their client’s objectives and provide support and mentorship to developers. Ultimately, success relies on the free exchange of information and eliminating barriers between development and business. The more a company prioritizes assisting their client’s businesses and goals, the better the outcome.

  • Consultancy attitude

Consulting is sometimes equated with giving advice, but at its best, it’s similar to imparting information. To take things to the next level, the best React Native development firms have a consultancy attitude, providing constant support and teaching new skills. They also embrace the DevOps culture, breaking down barriers between development and operation teams and improving communication and teamwork.

Furthermore, a company’s ability to impact quickly depends on its procedures, resource allocation, and team construction. Those that employ Agile techniques and provide workshops can reduce the time to effect.

  • DevOps abilities

When we say “DevOps,” we don’t only mean “Cloud” and “continuous deployment.” When we say “DevOps culture,” we refer to a comprehensive business manner. The DevOps culture centers on breaking down barriers between the design and operations teams. The goal is to cooperate closely and remove obstacles to information sharing that can slow down product development. The workers will be happier and more productive if they work together more effectively—consequently, a better result.

  • Time to impact

The company’s procedures affect the time required to make an impact. Some examples are how efficiently they allocate resources, how long it takes to complete necessary paperwork, and how long it takes to start working on a new project. In addition, the way they construct teams is crucial. The time to effect might be reduced if the company provides access to technical advisers or leaders. Using the Agile technique (which every company on that list employs) and providing workshops can reduce time to impact.

  • Ownership attitude

Learning from one’s mistakes is an essential part of taking responsibility. To be autonomous is to be able to choose for oneself. The client doesn’t need to micromanage the team. Evidence of a sense of ownership includes increased openness and improved dialogue. Since they are honest about their shortcomings, the team has nothing to hide.

One good indicator of competence is confidence in taking responsibility for one’s work. A high sense of ownership leads to greater openness, honesty, and communication within the development team, which in turn leads to a higher-quality end product.

  • Partnership attitude

Truly committing to one another as a team requires total immersion. Participating actively and having a vested interest in your achievement.

Just the opposite? Common forms of outsourcing entail handing off work to a third party and expecting them to carry it through. A strong commitment to collaboration leads to improved communication and seamless teamwork. Also at stake is the ultimate success of your product; if they are as invested as you are, they will make choices that favor your company’s bottom line. A strong spirit of cooperation makes everyone’s efforts more fruitful.


Top React Native Companies of 2023:

1. Brainhub


LOCATION: Poland (Gliwice – HQ, Wroclaw, Cracow, Warsaw)

INDUSTRIES: FinTech, gaming, edTech, MedTech

SERVICES: web development, desktop development, UX/UI design, mobile development, digital product development, digital transformation, staff augmentation


Brainhub, a Polish software development company, started its operations in 2014 with a mission to provide exceptional digital acceleration and teamwork services to its clients. This react native company specializes in offering cross-functional teams that incorporate Business Analysts, which allows them to deliver outstanding results. Brainhub’s development teams work mainly with TypeScript and JavaScript, two of the most popular programming languages in the industry.

Over the years, the firm’s dedication and hard work have been recognized by various organizations. In 2021, Brainhub was selected as one of Europe’s Fastest-Growing Companies by FT 1000, a prestigious ranking that acknowledges the fastest-growing companies in Europe. The company also received the Rising Star Awards from Deloitte: 50 Technology Fast Central Europe, another recognition of its impressive growth trajectory. It has consistently demonstrated its ability to sustain growth, reflected in its listing as a Top 100 Sustained Growth Company by Clutch in 2020 and 2021. This recognition shows that Brainhub is not only growing but is also maintaining a high level of performance year after year.

PORTFOLIO: National Geographic, Paradox Interactive, Jackbox Games, Screencloud, TC Global, Heist Studios, Venture Harbour

REVIEWS: 4.8 stars on Clutch from 27 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: Brainhub is appreciated by its clients for the diverse range of valuable qualities possessed by its team members. These qualities include exceptional technical expertise, proficiency in producing top-notch code, adeptness in project management, a proactive approach, transparency, engagement, wholehearted dedication, curiosity, responsiveness to feedback, aptitude in working seamlessly within a client’s team, flexibility, steadfast commitment, and a highly cooperative demeanor.


2. Nomtek


LOCATION: Poland (Wroclaw), Germany (Berlin), USA (Washington)

INDUSTRIES: eCommerce, marketplace, entertainment, fitness, AV, communication, health, logistics, EdTech, metaverse

SERVICES: mobile app development, mobile app design, AR&XR app development, IoT app development, staff augmentation


Nomtek is a software development firm in Poland founded in 2009. They specialize in designing and developing mobile apps, as well as creating Augmented and Mixed Reality products. Nomtek’s expertise in raect native has been acknowledged by Clutch, who selected them as one of the leading mobile app developers. They provide cross-functional teams and staff augmentation services and have an impressive portfolio of over 200 applications successfully delivered

PORTFOLIO: Ricardo.ch, Switch & Co, Magic Leap, Unicity, Collectomate, Gymondo, Marley Spoon, ProSiebenSat1, Axel Springer

REVIEWS: 4.9 stars on Clutch from 29 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: Their focus on results is unwavering, and they consistently deliver high-quality work. They prioritize open and continuous communication with their clients, and their approachable and proactive attitude helps to build strong relationships. Their commitment to flexibility and responsiveness means that they are always willing to go above and beyond what is expected, and they are highly adaptable to changing client needs. Nomtek’s well-trained and intelligent developers are highly valued by clients, who appreciate the team’s hard work and availability. They are not afraid to challenge their clients, and their willingness to provide fresh ideas and ask insightful questions helps to improve and adapt plans throughout the project.

3. CheesecakeLabs


LOCATION: USA (San Francisco, CA)

INDUSTRIES: media, energy and natural resources, FinTech, retail, eCommerce, hospitality, leisure, logistics, supply chain

SERVICES: UX/UI design, mobile app development, strategy, product definition, web development


Established in 2013, CheesecakeLabs is an American software development firm. They are experts in react native developement of custom online and mobile apps for companies of all sizes. Professionals in software engineering, design, project management, quality assurance, and product strategy are all part of their team. To ensure they can fulfill all of their customer’s requirements, they provide cross-functional teams to work with them.

CheesecakeLabs will be one of the best React Native development companies in 2021, according to a report by clutch.  They are also the tenth top mobile app development company worldwide, according to a ranking by Clutch. It is known not only for its technological prowess but also for its dedication to providing its employees with a welcoming and productive workplace.

PORTFOLIO: Singularity University, Tapcart, Agriness

REVIEWS: 4.9 stars on Clutch from 35 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: The company is known for its ability to meet project deadlines, exceptional product management, prompt and courteous communication, top-notch UI design, creative problem-solving, sustained high productivity, and unwavering transparency throughout the development process. With a team of dedicated and skilled professionals passionate about their work, they have the technical knowledge and experience required to execute any project flawlessly. They remain committed to delivering the best possible outcome, ensuring clients receive exceptional results every time.


4. GroovyWeb


LOCATION: India, Germany, Nadiad, Australia, Queensland, Berlin, Ahmedabad

INDUSTRIES: EdTech, fitness, eCommerce, business services, IT services, MedTech, sports

SERVICES: mobile app development, web development, SaaS development, MVP development, desktop app development, web design


GroovyWeb is an Indian company that specializes in developing web and mobile applications. Since its inception in 2015, the company has been known for its innovative software solutions. It represents the company’s commitment to delivering high-quality services. Its team of experienced programmers stays up-to-date with the latest technologies and uses them to create bespoke solutions for each client. GroovyWeb takes pride in successfully delivering over 500 projects to more than 250 satisfied clients.

PORTFOLIO: MyCribBooking, BowlersMart, Jive Market

REVIEWS: 5.0 stars on Clutch from 33 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: Their technical competence is second to none, and they maintain open lines of communication with clients to ensure a clear understanding of project goals and expectations. They take ownership of each project, making it a mission to deliver the best possible results. They pride themselves on being responsive and approachable, with a positive attitude that inspires confidence and trust.


5. Tapptitude


LOCATION: Romana (Cluj-Napoca)

INDUSTRIES: IoT, health, arts, FinTech, marketplaces and retail, PropTech, social platforms, automotive, entertainment & culture, business services, IT services

SERVICES: Product strategy and definition, Mobile and web development, UX/UI design, Product growth, Full Testing, and QA


Tapptitude was founded in 2013 as a Romanian technology startup. The firm has become an industry leader in the creation of react native mobile applications for both new businesses and well-known corporations. Tapptitude has a proven track record of success, having delivered over 100 functional mobile apps. They are devoted to providing services and goods that satisfy and delight their customers. Innovative, user-friendly, and aesthetically pleasing mobile applications are what the company specializes in making, thanks to its staff of seasoned developers, designers, and project managers.

PORTFOLIO: Tenor, Glorify, Wellory, Ontapp, OxWash, Shebah, ETH Zurich, Telenav, Honda

REVIEWS: 4.9 stars on Clutch from 47 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: Customers are pleased with Tapptitude since the company tries to learn about their requirements and adapt the software accordingly. The experts at Tapptitude are adept at managing projects and care deeply about delivering high-quality results on schedule. They are proud of the fact that they are easy to get in touch with and that they maintain open lines of communication with you at all times. The helpfulness, friendliness, and dedication to thoroughly explaining the development process to customers that Tapptitude displays have won them a stellar reputation.


6. Apiko


LOCATION: Ukraine, Ternopol, Denmark (Copenhagen), USA (Soquel, CA), Australia (Barwon Heads, Victoria), Germany (Paderborn)

INDUSTRIES:  eCommerce, FinTech, e-learning, retail, banking, business services, EdTech, manufacturing, real estate, task management, rental, lifestyle, travel

SERVICES: web app development, mobile app development, UI/UX design, software testing, DevOps, MVP development, services, IT, marketplace development


Apiko is a tech firm that builds native mobile apps with the React framework. They’ve been operating since 2014 out of an office in Estonia. Apiko’s expert engineers, designers, and PMs collaborate to deliver dependable, scalable, and performant react native apps. It takes great pleasure in its ability to provide individualized service to each customer. To deliver solutions that meet their clients’ needs and advance their businesses, they collaborate closely with them to identify and analyze critical factors. Apiko’s development process is client-centric, agile, and based on open communication and transparency at all times.

PORTFOLIO: Hive, A.Anthony Corp, LetApp, Hire Action, Markid, Goodlife Sorted, Inlist, Carpe Datum

REVIEWS: 4.9 stars on Clutch from 25 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: working quickly and efficiently, caring about the client’s business and results, engagement, technical skills, critical thinking, challenging the client’s vision, thoughtful approach, willingness to educate the internal team, positive and friendly attitude, flexibility, responsiveness


7. ChopDawg


LOCATION: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

INDUSTRIES: real estate, MedTech, consumer products and services, retail, logistics, business services, supply chain

SERVICES: mobile app development, web app development, prototype development, custom WordPress sites development, app maintenance, strategy, and prototyping


The developers, designers, and project managers at Chop Dawg are committed to producing cutting-edge, intuitive, and user-friendly React Native apps. They are proud that their agile development method prioritizes constant two-way communication between them and their clients. It is a full-service software development company that specializes in numerous areas, including but not limited to react native, web development, product strategy, user experience design, and digital marketing, in addition to React Native app creation. To help each client reach their business objectives, they offer individualized solutions. It is one of the best app development businesses, according to Clutch. Forbes and Entrepreneur have recognized them for their dedication to quality and innovation.

PORTFOLIO: Nightingale Healthcare, Choice Home Warranty, Petland, University Of Washington, Siemens

REVIEWS: 4.9 stars on Clutch from 60 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: Chop Dawg is a well-acclaimed software development firm with a stellar reputation for its knowledge, quality of work, adaptability, transparency, communication, honesty, helpfulness, dedication to projects, ability to manage projects effectively, and proactive nature.


8. Scopic Software



INDUSTRIES THEY’RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCES WITH: MedTech, manufacturing, IT, EdTech, health, and fitness

SERVICES: web development, web app development, digital marketing, mobile app, desktop app development, consulting services, UX/UI design

scopic software

Since 2006, Scopic Software has been at the forefront of the software industry, serving clients worldwide with innovative and effective software solutions. Two programmers saw a need for a company that could provide unique software to companies of various sizes, so they set out to create that very thing.

It has grown since its inception to provide a comprehensive suite of services, from software development to web to react native and mobile app creation to testing and quality assurance. Approximately the years, the company has expanded to employ approximately 250 highly skilled programmers.

PORTFOLIO: Mediphany, Houston Pump and Gear, SketchList, Thankster

REVIEWS: 4.8 stars on Clutch from 34 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: Their commitment to quality and a skilled development team bodes well for their ability to continue providing bespoke solutions to customers in the future. It is always essential for a software development company to maintain high standards to remain competitive and satisfy their client’s needs. It  sounds like Scopic Software is well-positioned to do so.


9. Miquido


LOCATION: Poland, Cracow

INDUSTRIES THEY’RE ESPECIALLY EXPERIENCES WITH: FinTech, insurance, ecom, MedTech, entertainment

SERVICES: web development, mobile development, product design, AI, product strategy, legacy modernization, digital transformation,


Miquido was established in 2010 in Krakow, Poland, and it specializes in creating software. Three close friends with a common interest in creating innovative software launched the company. In the beginning, they developed mobile applications for customers, with the primary goal of providing excellent service and then diversified to react native.

The company has expanded, but it has never stopped being a software startup at heart. The company is dedicated to providing its customers with innovative solutions, thus it continues to invest in state-of-the-art infrastructure and development methods. Miquido is well-positioned for continued success in the software development sector thanks to its dedication to quality, cooperation, and client service.

PORTFOLIO:  Skyscanner, BNP Paribas, Herbalife, HelloFresh, Klassik Radio, Nestle, Aviva, Nextbank

REVIEWS: 4.8 stars on Clutch from 36 reviews

WHAT CLIENTS APPRECIATE: The company is committed to a strong work ethic, efficiency, and meeting deadlines, with a can-do attitude that allows them to integrate seamlessly into teams.



To sum up, React Native is a robust and well-liked tool for creating mobile apps that run on several platforms. Numerous React Native development firms have cropped up in response to the rising demand for their services over the past few years. There are a number of things to think about when selecting a React Native development business, including experience, expertise, portfolio, reviews, and pricing. It’s smart to look into your options and make a well-informed choice after doing some comparison shopping.

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FAQS ON React Native Companies:

Why do companies use React Native?

Companies use React Native for various reasons, such as faster app development, cost-effectiveness, code reusability, and easy maintenance. Additionally, React Native allows developers to write code for both iOS and Android platforms simultaneously, saving time and resources.

What are the benefits of hiring a React Native developer?

Hiring a React Native developer can provide many benefits, such as expertise in cross-platform app development, knowledge of popular web development tools and technologies, and experience in designing user-friendly and scalable mobile applications. Additionally, a React Native developer can help companies save time and resources by efficiently creating apps for both iOS and Android platforms.

Can companies outsource React Native development?

Yes, companies can outsource React Native development to experienced development firms or freelancers. Outsourcing React Native development can be a cost-effective solution for companies that don’t have in-house development teams or lack expertise in mobile app development. However, companies should carefully evaluate potential outsourcing partners to ensure they have the necessary skills and experience to deliver high-quality products.



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